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Pep Corp. is a high-tech manufacturing company which specializes in high volume manufacturing of small plastic goods.

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We help companies take back their manufacturing from overseas, and enable them to produce their parts smarter, and more efficiently, domestically.

We're the right team for the job.

Based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, our team has a history with manufacturing, and especially Automotive. Windsor is the automotive capital of Canada, and feeds many of the powerhouse factories present throughout Michigan, Ohio, and the rest of the United States.

Tired of your only options being overseas?

We were too.

From our experience in manufacturing, we saw the gap in domestic supply particularly when it came to small plastic components. For the most part, North American manufacturing is limited to what it's good at, large, critical or show components. These components are only a small portion of the total assortment of parts needed for any product. The vast number of parts outside of this scope tend to go straight overseas due to cost savings and lack of manufacturers willing to take on such work domestically.

With this knowledge, in addition to a deep and inherent understanding of what is important most to product manufacturers, we set out to change the precedent for what 3D printing was capable of, and show how capable scaled 3D printing can be at producing exactly these parts.

How did we do it?

When we started our journey, we heard it time and time again. 3D printing is only capable of prototyping. We strongly believed, and have proven, that this was never the case. Rather, the focus had solely been prototyping.

As a result of this mentality, most of the supply chain for 3D printing materials and equipment was focused on prototyping. This left significant gaps in systems which are required for scaled manufacturing, such as consistency, reliability, quality control, quality auditing, traceability and accountability, and cost per unit of manufacturing.

When we started, 3D printers themselves were extremely overpriced due to strangleholds by the manufacturers on the machines and features that were available. Machines that are significant in capital cost, and quickly fall behind the pace of innovation for the industry, mean that the cost per unit of machining are quite significant, essentially strangling any chances of scaled manufacturing in their tracks.

Our solution was to develop, source, manufacture, program, and calibrate our own machinery on-site. This provides a significant advantage to Pep Corp., as we can offer machining units at significant discounts when volume manufacturing is present, as our machines are extremely low to manufacture, run, and maintain. Additionally, Pep Corp. is constantly innovating on our production capabilities, meaning our machines are constantly upgrading to keep up-to-date with industry trends ensuring we have the best capabilities for our clients when manufacturing their products.

Our Mission:

Provide an alternative option to overseas manufacturing that will improve our customers satisfaction, reliability, and performance.

Consistent innovation and pushing boundaries is our passion. As a team of makers, we all want to see 3D printing grow to the full potential it has, and we intend on continuing to be at the forefront of it. 3D printing is a fascinating technology, and a relatively young one at that. The room too grow is seemingly endless, and the innovation that has taken place and will continue to take place is exciting. Our passion for perfection has led us to develop many of the systems we use in-house, all with the focus of scalability, to continue expanding the scope of the 3D printing market.

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Our Quality Policy

We get it done right.

Quality is important for any type of manufacturing. Part of our mission has been to take 3D printing up to the standards of traditional mass manufacturing methods.

That's why we've taken the time to engineer our solutions in house always keeping scalability for high volume production in mind. Trust your parts from a manufacturer who specializes and focuses on production. Most of the supply chain for 3D printing, as well as most service bureaus, are custom tailored to prototyping, and they're great at it! But where do you go when you're looking for something more substantial? Something more permanent?

Our custom systems ensure you get consistent, and reliable parts, no matter the time of year or size of the order.

The auditing you need.

Our team has experience working on both sides of tolerancing, both as manufacturers, and as designers. Providing our team with documents specifying the tolerances you need is a great way to ensure your parts work out every time. Our team works with yours to deliver the level of quality auditing you require, ensuring funds are saved when rigorous checks may not be necessary.

Specify with our team the auditing you require, whether it be a quick visual inspection of each part, physical inspection and measuring to your drawings of each part, or physical inspection of a set number of parts each batch. We will ensure your parts leave to the specifications you need economically.

Our team is here to work with yours.

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