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Quality Control

We can help ensure your parts are to specification to the levels you need, from individual part inspection, to batch inspection. Our internal quality assurance systems mean we have full traceability from the materials we use to manufacture, to the individual parts leaving our facilities.

At our facilities, each part leaves with a tag identifying the exact machine it was manufactured on, what time, the machining profile used, and the materials that were used to manufacture it. Internally, we can trace these individual parts to ensure quality is met, allowing us to trace with pinpoint accuracy potential issues before they ship to your assembly lines. Traceability like this is commonplace in manufacturing involved with the automotive industry, so then why are so many 3D printing focused manufactures lacking it? It's simple - manufacturing at scale isn't their priority. That's why Pep Corp. is the right option for your at scale production needs.

Color accuracy

Using our verified raw materials vendors, we can ensure that you get the material you need, in the colors you need. Utilizing Pantone color matching, we can match the exact color codes that you require, something which we know is critical to the automotive industry.

Full digital color catalogue coming soon!


There's nothing like a proven history in the world of manufacturing. That's why our focus is on FDM 3D printing, allowing us to utilize the same plastics the automotive industry has been using for the past decades.

ABS, TPU, PET, ASA, PA6, PC, are just some of the materials we work with every day. Ask us for more information on a full material catalogue, as well as for any custom materials of interest.

Have a proprietary blend of material which you already paid for or wish to use? Ask us how we can help you turn that material into something we can manufacture with, helping to ensure you get the quality parts you need to the exact specification your processes require.


We retain multiple North American raw material suppliers that produce critical materials to our specifications to ensure that even in the event of a widespread shortage, Pep Corp. is one of the few 3D printing service firms operating at full capacity.

Rest assured that we'll get it done. Our team has experience in doing what it takes to make ends meet and ensure you get your parts when you need them.

By contracting with a domestic manufacturer who has a strong focus on sourcing sustainably and locally, you can decrease your dependency on importation from foreign markets.


Pep Corp. is not a firm with a couple 3D printers. Our focus is production scale with over 45 production machines in our Windsor facility and over 100 planned for the end of the year.

How many parts could you produce if you had access to 10,000 3D printers, or more? How many parts could you produce if you had access to 10,000 3D printers, or more? Our goal is to scale to a level that can produce 100,000 parts in as little as 24 hours when required.

Our specialty:

Our focus is high volume small plastic components. Why specifically small components? Most of the manufacturing for small plastic components currently takes place overseas due to the cost to manufacture and run the injection molds.

We are a vertically integrated and scaling manufacturer, focused on ensuring that as we grow as a company, our systems are capable of growing with us. By focusing on solving our problems as they arise, rather than relying on third parties to solve them for us, we are able to be far more nimble and lean than our competitors, giving us a cutting edge to outperform and out scale the competition.

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