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There's a new kid on the block in the world of manufacturing, and they're giving overseas injection molding a run for their money.

See how Pep Corp.'s focus on production volume plastic 3D printing can revolutionize your manufacturing process.

3D printing in production volumes?

The stigma that 3D printing is only good for prototyping is one that likes to stick around, but we're proving those days are long gone. 3D printing is a powerful tool which you can use in your production goods, allowing you to save money while out-innovating your competitors.

There's many benefits to 3D printing in production, but you always have the option to move to physical tooling should the need arise. Here's some of it's many benefits:

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Manufacturing with Pep Corp. is a flexible and responsive process. We're here to help your team succeed. Innovate faster, and optimize your parts for production with 3D printing, to start saving time and money today.

Without the need for tooling, no up-front investment is required. You can produce as many, or as few, parts as you would like (all at costs comparable to overseas injection molding!). This allows you to pilot your projects for as long as you need, while still having the option to switch to permanent tooling should the need arise. De-risk your projects by funding them with actual revenues, tying up less capital into manufacturing, and giving you the liquidity you need to de-risk and attract investors.

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As your domestic manufacturing partner, Pep Corp. is your supplier for small plastic components. Thanks to years of expertise and a deep understanding of the fundamentals for manufacturing domestically and abroad, our team of specialists has focused our attention on making manufacturing as easy as possible for your team.

Manufacturing with 3D printing domestically, rather than the alternative of overseas injection molding, means your team can respond quicker to changes in the market, or to new opportunities in product design or optimization. Without the investment of tooling, you can change your parts as often as you'd like. Partnering domestically means you reduce your exposure to foreign market risks, and can keep your assets closer to home, saving you both time and money.

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There's a stark contrast between the cost to produce with Pep Corp., and the costs to produce with other 3D printing service firms. Why? Because our focus from day 1 has been scale. We do major manufacturing so that you can have an additional option to overseas which produces better parts, faster, all for an uncompromising price. It's time we bring our North American expertise back to the world of small plastic parts.

Manufacturing with Pep Corp. requires no up-front tooling costs. Changing your parts with Pep Corp. also requires no re-tooling costs, meaning you can change your parts as often as you would like, all without the risk of losing thousands of dollars you invested into the manufacturing process. In the long run, manufacturing smarter with 3D printing allows your projects to be more dynamic, lower risk, and more responsive to customer feedback.

What if you could change your parts any time you wanted for the better? What if you could constantly optimize your parts to save on cost? All of this is possible thanks to our factories of 3D printers working to produce your goods in volume.

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Injection molding tooling is costly, and it's environmental costs are even larger. From design and construction, to transportation and use, the entire process produces tons of emissions and takes a costly toll on our environment. Worse yet, should a tool become obsolete before the end of its useful lifespan, the impact on our planet is even larger. By comparison, our 3D printing factories use a fraction of the power per part produced when compared to injection molding, produce a fraction of the waste, and cut back on transportation costs as your parts are produced closer to where they are needed.

While the immediate benefits of 3D printing over injection molding can be quite obvious, when you factor in the ability to innovate and improve your parts faster with less waste, and the ability to support existing products with replacement parts further into the future, 3D printing becomes the clear winner for the environment.

Most people are unaware of the mass amounts of waste which are incurred during the injection molding process. A given tool can take days of product runs to finally dial the machines in, leading to literal tonnes of plastic going to waste. With 3D printing, we only use what we need, when we need it.

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Protect your IP, keep your files and production domestic. Reduce your risk to overseas supply chains, and the over-utilized and costly shipping routes. Produce your parts domestically with a company that respects western laws and understands your intricate business needs.

Get the parts you need - when you need them. Trial your parts with 3D printing and set your parts up for emergency production if necessary. Stop letting production delays with your suppliers for small plastic parts cost you millions on the assembly line, start ensuring your continued success today.

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The process that scales with you. Start your production off with 1000 units if you require, but know that with Pep Corp., you can scale effortlessly to hundreds of thousands of parts. Don't worry about minimum order quantities, instead focus on developing great products that your customers love, and leave saving on manufacturing costs to us to worry about.


Need dozens of parts fast? Not a problem. With our team and 3D printing factory, we can produce your parts to spec in days, not months.

Iterate on your parts faster, come to a finished design sooner and at less cost than traditional manufacturing. Our specialty is production. Partnering with Pep Corp. throughout your prototyping process can help you save thousands if you transition to full production, while also allowing for a seamless transition.

Prototyping is vital to the creation of products, as well as validation in the market. Whether you need one part, or a dozen, packed and labelled or assembled and shipped, we've got your back.

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Industrial Components

Need rigorous components with strict tolerances or physical requirements? Contact our team and see what processes are best suited for your needs.

Components for your industrial goods can be hard to source, and when part counts aren't in the millions tooling can add up fast. Produce the parts you need for your lower volume goods with Pep Corp. and start producing better parts faster.

Industrial components can cover anything from ATVs, to Snowmobiles, welding robots, assembly lines, or more. Whether it's clips, guides, housings, hooks, covers, or couplings, if it's small and plastic then we can make it. Simplify your manufacturing process by removing the complexity of tooling and going direct to market with parts in as little as 24 hours.

Service Parts

For the duration of a normal product's serviceable life, you likely force your vendors to maintain either an inventory of service parts for purchase, or you're paying to keep your tooling around in warehouses for the future day when you'll need them. This is extremely costly and time consuming, and often leads to early termination of products to save your bottom line. What if you could offer the same service parts to your clients but without any of the headaches?

Validate your production parts with Pep Corp., and we have your profiles for life. You can set up a perfect production run now and run those parts 10 years later without the hassle of locating and setting up tooling. 3D printing gives you the flexibility you need to finally let go of the woes for legacy service parts, and instead focus your energy on creating new and innovative products.

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