Production Printing

When you're seriously manufacturing.


3D printing is great for producing parts cost-effectively and quickly, so why not take advantage for full production?

Start launching new products faster with 3D printing for production volume goods. Production is our specialty, so let us help you take back control of your manufacturing process.

How it works

Step 1

Project blueprints

You send us information regarding your project, including necessary part and assembly files, drawings and specifications for quality, inspection, delivery times, etc.

Step 2

A folder with checkmarks for review

We go over your project and work with your team to optimize your parts. Through a series of iterations and reviews, we will help you design your parts to be as efficient as they can for 3D printing in production volumes. Utilizing our expertise, we help you save money and produce your parts faster.

Step 3

A factory

We manufacture your product and show you what the finished results will be. Once approved, with a simple confirmation, we turn on our factory and begin mass manufacturing your parts, producing thousands of parts daily.

Need to make a change?

Things happen, it's no big deal! Let us know right away, and we can change your parts out for new designs. Thanks to the fact that no tooling is required, a change while in production will cost you very little, if anything! You'll pay for the parts that were already produced, but then we can instantly change over to the updated designs, allowing you to iterate faster and out-compete your competitors.

Stop worrying about wasted time or capital on inflexible mass manufacturing methods, choose the option that accommodates your rapid production today!

Pep Corp

Bridging the gap between prototype and production.

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