Prototype Printing

For your low volume needs.

1-100 units

3D printing is great for prototyping. Fast and cost-effective, you can iterate your designs faster than ever before!

Don't have 3D printers in house? Or need your parts faster than you can produce? Ask us how we can help!

How it works

Step 1

File folders

Send us your files as STP, STEP, IGES, STL, or SLDPRT file formats. Please include any additional drawings which may be of use.

Step 2

Three settings sliders showing customization

We review your files and determine the best settings for printing to your project's requirements with your team.

Step 3

An FDM 3D printer head

Once approved, your parts will be manufacturing on our 3D printing manufacturing lines in as little as 24 hours.


Our focus is production, meaning you'll get the best pricing when doing higher volume 3D printed production, however we are more than happy to help you with any aspect of your project! Often clients find that our services can be more economical than existing solutions available to them, including in-house options.

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How do we price our parts?

We take into consideration many factors when pricing your parts to get you the best possible price. This includes things like surface area, volume, support material, material choice, color, quantity, and more.

Cost conscious or on a budget? See how we can accommodate your budget and timeline.

Now you're all set!

Awesome! You have your prototypes; you've gone through many iterations and have a working product that you're happy with. What next?

See how we can help take your product from an idea and prototype to full production so you can launch faster and with less up-front investment!

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