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Let our team help you through every step of your product's life.


One to One Hundred parts

The Colors and Materials you need!

Urgency and accuracy are important for a new product, and our team can help. With years of experience in prototyping, don't take a chance, get it done right.


One Thousand to One Hundred Thousand parts

Foreign manufacturing adds complexity, cost, time, and carbon footprint. Manufacture domestically instead!

Volume manufacturing of small plastic components is our specialty! Take advantage of our quality manufacturing time by starting your production in minutes, all without the need for tooling.


Assemble less components

Turn multiple product numbers into 1! Start ordering full assemblies from Pep Corp. today!

Our team leverages the manufacturing powerhouse that is the Windsor/Detroit region to get you the parts you need, from the best people to supply it. Save time and money by taking advantage of our industry and regional experience today!


Bundle your parts

Focus on what matters, let us handle the small stuff.

Our kitting services means you won't handle the sourcing of small components, but you'll get exactly the parts you need in every pack. From nuts and bolts to triggers or clasps, we've got a source.


Your parts delivered

Selling a product but not sure how to deal with the logistics?

Manufacture with us and let us ship on your behalf! With our team of developers, your order fulfillment can be as easy as a button on your website. Start shipping products in your branding from our factories today!

AutomotiveAutomotive parts specialists

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Automotive parts are complex. Your team has tight timelines, with industry specific tolerances, and constantly changing requirements. Your parts need to be strong, consistent, and reliable. We get it; we used to live and breath it.

That's why we started Pep Corp., there's a better way to manufacture (and it isn't overseas).

Trust your parts with a domestic manufacturer who respects your IP, while skipping time zone delays, and ensuring accurate and reliable production of your quality plastic products today. No tooling necessary, our team can manufacture thousands of small plastic parts, giving you a strong strategic advantage over your competitors.

Leisure GoodsAn all terrain vehicle

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Whether it's ATVs, Snowmobiles, RV's or more, save time and money manufacturing your parts smart with Pep Corp today.

Why spend money on a mold if you're not making millions of parts? Take advantage of our flexible and on-demand manufacturing methods by only ordering what you need, when you need it. Offer more colors and varieties to your clients, and innovate on your designs faster, all while saving money and ensuring your IP is safe. Manufacture with Pep Corp.

Don't let smaller production runs cost you, and don’t compromise on options or colors. Only make what you need while offering more variety and options than your competitors.

Service PartsTwo wrenches in a cross

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Cost Effective

Keeping your injection molds around for decades after a project is complete is costly, and dropping support for old components can be a PR nightmare. Make your clients happy and increase your product's service life by manufacturing service parts with Pep Corp.

Once your parts are established, we can keep your profiles for life, meaning you can manufacture your exact parts with the click of a button. No expensive warehousing, setup, or calibration needed! Warehouses of skeleton molds are a thing of the past. Start moving towards the future of smart, economic, and eco-friendly manufacturing today!

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