Complete Solutions

Simplifying your manufacturing

Get the parts you need, finished how you need them, from one source.
Combine your assemblies into single part numbers saving you money and streamlining your ordering process.


Optimize your manufacturing process by streamlining your assembly through our manufacturing services.

We can take your designs and assemble them to your specifications, whether it's fasteners, heat-set inserts, tagging, clips, wiring, circuitry or more.

At Pep Corp., we have been manufacturing our own equipment in-house for over 5 years. From individual part to assemblies of sub-assemblies, our dedicated manufacturing space means we can establish efficient assembly lines to produce your parts consistently, and cost-effectively.

Examples of such assemblies can include: Motors and brackets, fan and light controllers, power supply housings and distribution cases, cams and actuators, and much more. Our team is sure to have the expertise you need to complete your assemblies and start combining your part numbers into one today.


Simplify your process by getting parts to your door packaged the way you need. Need a certain packing density? Not a problem, we will work with you to make it happen.

Receive your parts in your branding, packed the way you need it. We can facilitate the procurement of your branding material, or use what you provide us. Just let us know what you need!

Picking your parts with a robot and need them ready from the moment you receive them? See what your options are by contacting our team.


Sometimes the aesthetic of your parts is important, and the default surface finish of a 3D printed part may not be what you need. That is why we have developed a series of processes to transform your parts into the smooth surfaces you're used to.

Find out more by talking with our team on how we can smooth your parts into a gloss-like finish. Alternatively, we can add textures to the surface of your parts, which is great for things like grips or triggers!

Paint, resin coating, surface smoothing and more are all options depending on the materials you choose. Ask us what options your parts and materials have.


Pack your parts with what you need. Include the necessary components in ever item shipped. Keep things organized and ensure your team has what it needs with every item we ship.

Kitting can be an important part of your manufacturing process. Be it you're assembling parts in-house, or hiring a third party, letting us take care of the work of counting and packing the exact contents for each unit can be a great way to save money and improve your efficiency.

Take advantage of our location in the heart of the manufacturing powerhouse that is the Windsor Ontario/Detroit Michigan area. From fasteners to bearings, we have the connections to get the quality parts you need in volume. Start leveraging our network today!

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